An Introduction to Modular Kitchens

14 June 2020 0 By homeimprovement

The kitchen is one of the key rooms in every household and a place where plenty of time is spent. Because of that, it is essential to design it for functionality and convenience. Apart from that, people also care if their kitchen is contemporary and stylish.
Nowadays, all that is reflected in modular kitchens.

Even if it is a small space, a well-planned modular kitchen can incorporate all the necessary elements and provide plenty of storage space.

How to Plan a Modular Kitchen?
The best-case scenario is if you plan a modular kitchen from scratch. For example, you are building a new house, or you have an unfurnished apartment. At the same time, that doesn’t exclude renovating your old kitchen and turning it into a modular one according to your preferences and taste.

In any case, it is highly advisable you hire or at least consult a professional interior designer before you start making any plans.

The layout of the kitchen should be first on your to-do list. Create a sketch of the layout, installation points for cabinets, chimney, and other elements. Then move down to the types of materials for the kitchen elements.

Here are a few practical recommendations on how to plan the perfect modular kitchen.

Many people choose kitchens they see in a showroom or on some website. It is not the smartest move because of many reasons. Instead, it is much better if you design your kitchen according to your needs and available space.

Depending on the space, you could opt for L, C, or U-shaped kitchen.

Once you decide on the shape of the kitchen, you can move onto planning the electrical points for electrical appliances such as microwave and oven. Furthermore, you need to consider the location for your sink because of the plumbing.

Once that is covered, you can move onto designing the cabinets.

Exploit every kitchen corner and available space, but don’t clutter it. Instead, classify every storage space according to your needs. For example, things you rarely use need to be stored at less accessible locations. On the other hand, things used daily need to be easily reachable. For example, a handy pantry with everyday ingredients needs to be at arm’s reach. That’s the most practical approach and the logical order of things.

Appliances & accessories
Again, this is about choosing whatever suits your needs, as well as the needs of your family. When it comes to modular kitchens, some of the most popular appliances are ovens with microwave.

The point is the same we’ve made in the design section; don’t rely on what you see in showrooms. Instead, focus on your personal preferences and needs. Anything else is just a distraction that will only move you further from having the perfect modular kitchen.

For example, you might not need the most expensive microwave on the market. There is no point buying it, even if it is part of some fancy showroom.

Choosing a suitable material can be quite tricky as there is a lot to consider as there are all sorts of available materials. Each of those materials has its features and characteristics.

For instance, plywood is by far the cheapest material, but unlike granite and marble, it can be easily damaged. Then there is MDF that looks great but can’t hold too much weight, whereas marble can become yellow after some time.

If you are confused about all that, your best option is to consult an interior designer. That way, the interior designer can help you choose a material that matches your needs, as well as your stylish preferences.

In conclusion
There is nothing simple about designing a great modular kitchen. Hiring someone to help you with the design can be your intelligent investment. It is the only way to make sure that you won’t make any costly mistakes while trying to design a modular kitchen on your own.

But, if you got an eye for details, you know the different properties of kitchen materials, and you are fully confident in your abilities, then give yourself a chance. After all, you never know, there might be an interior designer within you waiting to be awakened.