How to Maintain Teak Furniture

14 June 2020 0 By homeimprovement

Teak is always in high demand because of its superb ability to withstand natural elements, its renewability, and its amazing color. Because of all that, Teak is heavily used in the furniture industry. Plus, if you care for it properly, it can look great and last for many years.

Before we get into the peculiarities of teak maintenance, here are a few facts about this wonderful wood.

Teak 101
Teak is a dense type of tree that grows in the tropical regions of Thailand, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Burma. Its actual name is Tectona Grandis, but everyone knows it as Teak.

The main features that make it a super-star among other woods include:

  • Its excellent density makes Teak not inclined to cracking, warping, or bending over time.
  • Teak’s natural oils prevent it from rotting.
  • A natural resin protects it from termites and insects. It is a rubber-like substance that makes Teak a truly unique type of wood.
  • Because of all that, as well as exceptional beauty and durability, teak furniture is more expensive than other types of furnishing, such as metal and wood.

How to clean teak furniture?
Cleaning teak furniture is quite easy and straightforward. All you need is some mild-dish soap and a brush. Scrub the Teak with the grain for top results. It is best to do it before the outdoor season starts. Once you are done, there isn’t any special need for cleaning. For most occasions, you need a soft cloth to wipe the dust off it.

Dealing with stains on teak furniture
Again, this is also a pretty straightforward operation for which you need fine-grit sandpaper. A light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper will remove the stain in no time.

Grease stains can be somewhat tricky, and you will need a commercial-grade teak cleaner for that. Most hardware stores sell commercial-grade teak cleaners. Otherwise, you can go and buy one online.

Sanding teak wood
A light sanding can bring out a glowing and fresh finish. It is the best way to restore Teak’s original honey brown glow. The most challenging part about sanding furniture is that there might be some spots that are hard to reach by hand.

After you are done with the sanding, you need to seal the wood. That’s how you preserve the hues of the Teak.

Adding a clear coat on teak furniture
The idea with the clear coat is to give the teak furniture its incredible sheen. Just make sure that you use clear coating designed especially for teak furniture.

This is how you apply clear coat on Teak:

  • After a light sanding on the surface, add two coats of a clear coat using a clean rag.
  • After applying the first coat, let it dry for some time.
  • After the first coat is dried, you can add the second coat.
  • Mind the fact that the sealant needs to be added before you add the clear coating.

How not to protect your teak furniture?
Sometimes, we want to do well, but we end up making things worse. Most times, it is because we have been misinformed or because we’ve made some bad assumptions. If you want to avoid such mistakes, here is how not to protect your teak furniture:
Avoid using teak oil because it can lead to mildew and mold. Plus, when it comes to stopping the graying patina, it won’t do much about it.

Teak is naturally resistant. Therefore, you shouldn’t use any water sealers/repellents.

Pressure washing may be great for wood decks, but it can cause damage or discoloration to teak furniture. It can only make the surface splintered and coarse.

Never use brass or steel wool. They are simply too abrasive. Instead, an ordinary Scotch Brite cleaning pad will do just fine.

In conclusion
Maintaining and caring for teak furniture is no rocket science and not a particularly difficult process. That’s why hotels and resorts love teak furniture so much and are always willing to pay a premium price for this amazing wood.

Thing is they know that when you compare its durability and longevity, the price seems quite reasonable. Furthermore, no other type of wooden furniture can be compared with Teak’s features and characteristics.